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May 23, 2013
Built Solid Renovations
To Whom It May Concern,

I have been a resident of Chesterfield Township for over 20 years. Being actively involved with Anchor Bay Schools and Chesterfield Parks and Rec. I have met many people in the area representing their roofing companies. Built Solid Renovations in my opinion is by far the best for several reasons.

When I met Levi Moore I found him to be not only professional but compassionate and very straight forward with an honesty and integrity that is hard to find now days. He understood my situation and went above and beyond to meet with the insurance adjuster to make sure that my family was well taken care of. It was a huge
relief to me to have someone there to represent my claim and to make sure no short cuts were taken.

Levi’s contract was very clearly written with no strings attached. He provided all the necessary paper work and references and was never offended when I asked for these. Levi also provided me with a very nice assortment of colors for my shingles and siding. Plus, he was in constant contact with me via phone and emails. I was never left without some type of communication regarding the progress of my home.

Built Solid Renovations crew was excellent! They showed up on time, looked very respectful and were professional. They had a positive atmosphere while they were working and my boys and I felt very comfortable having them around. They answered any questions or concerns that I had with my roof and siding. I was very impressed
with how quickly they completed the job. They did a fantastic job cleaning up and my yard looked like they were never here.

I am very grateful to Levi and the Built Solid Renovations crew for providing my family with the safety and security of a new roof and siding.

Please feel free to contact me at 586-949-6574 for a reference. I would be happy to answer any questions.

Pamela Percha

June 2013
Built Solid Renovations,

It was a true pleasure working with the Built Solid Renovations Team, from start to finish! Levi and his staff take pride in all details. From choosing roofing/siding colors to returning phone calls promptly, BSR is a top-notch outfit. I’ll also add that they are tidy workers; I’m a neatnick and they met my expectations in the post-job cleanliness department! Most notable: BSR completed all work (roof, siding, gutters, awning) in the timely that they promised. If you need work done to your home, I highly recommend that you give Levi/Aaron from BSR a call!!!

Annette M